Thermals Spa

Thermals Spa

A size to suit you

In both our intro and space hot tub series, you can choose from a number of different sizes. Find the hot tub that fits your home perfectly.

Find your preference

With so many different focuses, such as lighting or aromatherapy, you can find a blend that you will adore. Make the most of your time to unwind.

All year round

You can enjoy the relaxation that our hot tubs offer every month of the year. Our R10 insulation systems provide a comfortable temperature even in snow.

Highly efficient

Our most efficient hot tubs are perfect if you are considering the possibility of making the investment. Highly energy efficient hot tubs are a big feature of our range.

iPod docking

To make sure you have the most enticing hot tub, choose the added iPod dock feature in our intro hot tub series.

Value for money

Depending on your budget and requirements, we can help you find the ideal model. Our intro hot tub series is a great way to get started.

Our 3 person hot tub is the ideal option for couples. An elegant hot tub, bringing you a new visual experience, with comfortable seats and 52 jets giving a powerful hydraulic massage. Turn on your iPod or DVD and beautiful songs accompany you. The bottom light and fibre optic lights change slowly through seven different colours one by one, creating a romantic and warming atmosphere.
This 5 person hot tub is great for relaxing with the family and entertaining friends. The two lounger seats provide ultimate comfort and luxury without compromising on space. The 3 varieties of upright seats ensure there is somewhere comfortable for the whole family to unwind. Hydro therapy jets are positioned for the perfect full body massage, combined with atmospheric lighting and aromatherapy plug, our hot tubs are sure to leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.
This 6 person hot tub is the perfect choice for family entertainment. With one lounger and five regular seats this model provides maximum space to relax and entertain without feeling over crowded. Built in LED lights change slowly through seven different colours one by one, creating a romantic and warming atmosphere.
The ultimate party hot tub! With lounger and upright seats, multi functional jets, 7 colour LED changing lights and subwoofers. Neptune is

versatile, spacious, innovative and fun. As with all of our hot tubs it is equipped with a highly efficient and energy-saving heating system, innovative insulation system, and life saving safety valve. Valuable peace of mind, meaning our hot tubs can be enjoyed by all the family.

The 6 person hot tub is a perfect choice for family entertainment. With one sleeping seat, five regular seats and all-around massage functions. Relax and enjoy in comfort and style. Surround yourself with music from your iPod, relax in the changing atmospheric lights and unwind with the hydro therapy jets positioned perfectly for ultimate affect.