Pool Heater

Pool Heater

Swimming pool heat pump – the best solution for heating and cooling your pool

Heated-pool-290x300If you have a swimming pool without a pool heater, you are missing out on a great part of the swimming season. A heated pool lets you enjoy your pool all the way through the winter in Spain. Read more on:

In Spain, the weather is usually warm and sunny for most of the year but the pool are only warm enough to use from end of may until end of September. With a heated pool you will feel comfortable enjoying your pool throughout the year, instead of just using your pool to cool down and play in the summer.   A heat pump is a good investment, as it lets you use your swimming pool all year around. If you are letting your house for rent, a heated pool will make your house much more attractive for holiday makers and increase your rental income during golf, Christmas and Easter times.

Heat pumps – the innovative and enviromentally friendly solution

Heat pumps make smart use of ultramodern techniques with coolant R410A and a titanium heat exchanger. With a heat pump you can use your swimming in the most optimal way and extend your swimming pool season from May until September with minimal energy expenses and maintenance. Cooling and heating with a heat pump is very environmentally friendly and will lead to a reduction of CO2 emission compared to other heating sources:

  • 53% less than a fuel oil boiler
  • 40% less than a regular gas boiler
  • 30% less than a high efficiency gas boiler

The coolant R410A has no influence on the ozone layer, while the performance of the coolant takes care of energy saving. Installation of a heat pump is very easy for new installations as well as for renovations. The heat pump can be installed easily by 2x50mm connections in parallel with the circulation pump and filter installation, combined with a by-pass.

Exceptionally low energy consumption

80% of the energy used by Aqua Living pool heat pumps is taken from the outdoor air. 20% electrical energy is used to transfer the outdoor air energy onto the water. The operating principle of the heat pump will make a high efficiency possible! The efficiency is determined by dividing the useful energy from the outdoor air by the electrical energy used by the compressor. This means that one only has to buy 20% of the needed energy, while getting 80% free out of the air. In other words: for every euro spent on electricity you’ll receive 4 euro of free energy out of the air. You’ll only depend on your electricity supplier for 20%! Compare this to the amount of energy you’ll have to buy to produce 100% heat using other systems: – normal gas boiler : 109% – cons-income ran : 93% – electrical heating : 100% – heat pump : 20% Solar panels are expensive to install and require higher maintenance costs. Solar panels are also more vulnerable for high winds and leakage. They also only works well when there is a lot of sunshine while you usually need to warm your pool when there is less sunshine.

Why a pool heater from Aqua Living?

It simply is the most innovative heat pump in the world. Built with European technology and components which make it high in efficiency and low in energy use.

  • High efficiency (COP max 5.6)
  • Low noise level
  • Advanced control system using Wifi and Cloud technology (optional)
  • Selection by calculation sheet
  • Compliant with CE and FPP standards
  • European design and components
  • Digital control with LED control or touch screen
  • Reversible heat pump, able to cool and heat
  • High reliability

Wifi / Mobile App controlled pool heating

Wifi-and-Mobile-app-to-control-pool-temperatureWith the WiFi module you will be able to control your heat pump and swimming pool from anywhere in the world using your mobile/smartphone or tablet. The combination of the WiFi module and the IO-relay module makes it able to switch on lights, fountains and jetstreams and can give you alarms for low water, chemical low level and several other features. Installation of the WiFi module is very easy and takes only 5 steps:

  1. Check WiFi signal at the location of of the heat pump
  2. Connect WiFi module to heat pump
  3. Download BlinkUp App to Smartphone
  4. Download Heat Pump WiFi Controller on smartphone or tablet
  5. Connect your WiFi module with the cloud


Save up to 20% on energy costs by using the ECO mode* and dual tariff mode!

The WiFi-module has a built-in ECO mode (optional) and dual tariff mode, which can save you up to 20% on your energy bill. The ECO mode is combining the weather forecast, the day and night tariffs of your supplier and other environmental parameters to determine the optimal setting of your heatpump at any given time. The heatpump will therefore use less energy without loss of comfort. You will only notice the lower bill.

Remote IO relay WiFi controlled extension modules

Some of the possible applications of the IO-relay module:

  • Filterpump scheduling
  • Pool and garden lights control with timer
  • Jetstream control
  • Fountain control
  • Waterlevel alarm
  • Pool gate alarm
  • Chemical low level alarm
  • Etc.

The Aqua Living range of heat pumps

Our heat pumps are very easy to install. They can even be placed in parallel to create capacities up to 52kW.



AQLA 9.5 H1F AQLA 12.5 H1F AQLA 17.0 H1F AQLT 17.0 H3P AQLT 21.0 H3P AQLT 26.0 H3P
Heating Capacity 7.8-9.8 kW 10.2-12.8 kW 13.6-17.0 kW 13.8-17.4 kW 16.8-21.0 kW 21.0-26.0 kW
Input Power 1.65-1.73 kW 2.27-2.36 kW 3.02-3.15 kW 3.02-3.15 kW 3.82-3.96 kW 4.57-4.73 kW
Cooling Capacity 5.7 kW 7.2 kW 10.0 kW 10.0 kW 12.3 kW 15.5 kW
Fusing 16 A 16 A 20 A 16 A 16 A 16 A
Sound pressure 46 dB(A) 47 dB(A) 48 dB(A) 48 dB(A) 49 dB(A) 51 dB(A)
Working range -10-40 °C -10-40 °C -10-40 °C -10-40 °C -10-40 °C -10-40 °C
Water Flow Rate Min/Max 2.7-5.5 m³/h 3.6-7.2 m³/h 4.9-9.7 m³/h 4.9-9.7 m³/h 9.0-14.0 m³/h 11.0-17.0 m³/h
Dimensions 114x40x68 cm 114x40x68 cm 108x42x71 cm 108x42x71 cm 108x42x96 cm 108x42x126 cm

Free site survey all over Spain

Call us today to get a free survey for your swimmingpool. We install pool heaters in Marbella, Fuengirola and the rest of Costa del Sol, in Alicante and the rest of Costa Blanca as well as Costa Brava and the rest of Spain. Call us and we will setup a time for your free site survey.

We are also able to provide other pool heating devices and accessories including heat exchangers, couplings, thermostats, control panels etc.