Jacuzzi buyer’s guide

Buying a Jacuzzi

Jacuzzi Buyer's GuideThinking about buying a jacuzzi? Dreaming about your own home spa? Hydrotherapy has been proven to have health and wellness benefits such as relief of joint pain, reducing stress, stimulating blood circulation, reducing muscle tension and giving you a boost of your immune system. But when you want to buy a jacuzzi / spa it can be challenging to figure out where to start. There are several things to think about like what size of the jacuzzi do you want and where do you want to put it? Do you want it inside in your bathroom or maybe you prefer to enjoy your jacuzzi outside in your garden? How big is your budget? And then there are all the features you can choose for your jacuzzi. At Aqua Living we can help you with getting the jacuzzi that suites your expectations. At Aqua Living we have a wide range of different sizes and models to choose from. Take a look at our products here.


Spa installation and location

The first thing you need to think about when you buy a home jacuzzi is the location. Are you going to put it inside or outside? Is there enough space for an indoor jacuzzi? Do you have enough space in your garden? In what direction do you want it to face? If you want an indoor jacuzzi you need to make sure you have proper ventilation and drainage system. Especially outside you need to be prepared for the weight of the jacuzzi. An average 6 person jacuzzi filled with water can weigh over 2500 kg. Can your location support the weight? First you choose the location and then you can choose what type of jacuzzi you want. To install your new jacuzzi one thing to consider is that the closer to your home the less money you need to spend on installation costs. The location needs the required water and electrical lines for operating the jacuzzi. At Aqua Living we will help you with the installation of your hot tub.


Size and design

After choosing a location you need to think about how many persons you want to have room for in your jacuzzi. Do you want to it all to your self or maybe enjoy it with your partner? Or do you want a big enough jacuzzi for family and friends. Our jacuzzis at Aqua Living are available in all sizes, from a one seated spa to big party spas with a ten person seating capacity. Or why not a Michael Phelps Swim Spa for advanced swimming and fitness training. An important thing is to choose a jacuzzi with comfortable and ergonomic seats for the best possible experience. We will help you find a jacuzzi that suites you and your home.



Photo-Legend_Series-Features-PrintCMYK-510711250947There are alot of different features and accessories that comes with or that you can add to your spa. One of them are lights. Lights in your jacuzzi helps set the mood and have therapeutic benefits but they are also an important safety feature. Whether you want to use your jacuzzi for relaxing and socializing or for hydrotherapy and health problems the number, function and placement of the jet streams is important. Every seat is usually equiped with individual jets for massaging specific parts of your body. And look for a jacuzzi with a sufficient amount of jet streams if you want a full body massage from neck to toe. Want to listen to music in your jacuzzi? No problem, with an integrated sound system it’s possible. In some models another great feature is the smart phone and tablet app that you can use to make sure that your jacuzzi is ready no matter where you are. Or maybe you are more interested in waterfalls. With the control panel you can easily manage all the functions of the hot tub.


Jacuzzi Maintenance

Think about how much time you want to spend on cleaning your hot tub. An automatic ozone water cleaning system will help you keep your jacuzzi clean. Other things you want to look into when you buy a jacuzzi is the filtration an heating systems. Consider choosing an ecological system for less impact on the environment. If you want to have reduced vibrations and noise, choose a separate circulation pump. And the better the insulation system the less energy consumption. It is very important to have a cover on your jacuzzi, preferably a locked one, not only for safety reasons but it will also help to keep it clean and keeping the water warm. One of the most important things is the maintenance of the water in your jacuzzi, please ask us for detailed information about water treatments, filters and water pumps.


Aqua Living

When you buy a jacuzzi from Aqua Living you will be guaranteed one of the best products in the spa industry. We are working all over Portugal and Spain and been selling spas for over 10 years. We will help you with everything you need, from choosing the right jacuzzi to installation and upkeep. Make sure you get a relaxing spa ownership – call us today for advice and a free site survey.